About Flairr

In 2018 Flairr first began when a small group of people had a dream: to help users enjoy meeting new people while socializing with their friends in a safe and relaxed setting, all the while earning rewards.

Our focus is to incorporate gaming, augmented reality and cryptocurrency to create an unforgettable social gaming experience users would enjoy.

Our passionate development team has worked hard to created an augmented reality game that’s not like anything you have experienced before. The game can be played at home or on the go. Our revolutionary game changes social gaming by encouraging users to play together and enjoy all of FLAIRR.

The game can be played solo, or with a group of fellow users in your area.

Our team is still hard at work developing new features, finding innovative ways to bring people together, encouraging them to explore the world around them, and rewarding them with cryptocurrency and other prizes in the process. FLAIRR is filled with hedonic, financial, health, and social incentives to ensure users will get the most out of playing. Dive into the world of social AR gaming with FLAIRR!